Business Incubator by Amaa

A commercial building with a cantilevered facade in Murcia, Spain. 

A sculptural building with different responses in each of its elevations has been the final design. Avoiding discrimination, the building is a link between both urban and rural worlds. It gets closer to the village through the outer space that was designed as an extension of the building. There are shady and wooded areas to stay, where the occupants can expand. It invites people to travel in it. On the top, a grandstand directs the views to the rural world. A Business Incubator is a place where start ups share knowledge, experiences, ideas and emotions. The building materializes these ideas through a dynamic space of work. It is an alive and agile building that represents the movement of a company in a rapidly changing environment. The solution is an open interior space enveloped by a translucent polycarbonate double skin. This allows sensing what happens inside and changes its appearance according to the time of the day.