James Moore

Interview with artist in residence at the Artha Project, NYC.
How long have you been making art in New York City?
A few years.

What has been the coolest studio space you have rented so far?
The current one I'm in, the ARTHA Project residency in Long Island City. 
It's a big industrial space that I share with two other artists. The ceilings are about 25 ft tall; it’s a good feeling to walk into a large space like that in NYC. 

Tell us a little bit about what inspires you to make art.
A lot of my creative inspiration comes from riding motorcycles, the tension between advanced technological equipment and extremities of physical and bodily potential. I like how the roadways of the city become like a nervous system that is activated into glowing networks by this vehicle, associations of hyper connectivity and trying to bring that insanely engaging world into art forms. 

The potential of real science and technology mixed with art is really interesting to me. Regeneration of energy in nature, embracing new energy sources, and how that energy could be positively used. Collective experience and consciousness, multiverse theories, and questioning the differences between digital and physical, crossing dimensions. Underground energy highways and portals, thresholds. 
Is there a favorite medium you have or do you like to experiment with unknown materials?
Lately I’ve been into using LED lighting to illuminate sculptures, and UV luminescent black light paint. UV luminescent paint can be used metaphorically to reveal things that are normally hidden, and it creates a totally alien-like fantasy illumination, it sometimes feels like messages are being revealed through the glowing paint from other dimensions, some ancient genius DNA painted as glowing liquid matter. I’m really inspired by bioluminescence, and the idea that the things we create can generate energy, the glowing materials kind of symbolize this and grids and fractal lines of matrix patterns glow like veins of a breathing ghost in the machine, a spirit inside the internet that that is part of the life-force that connects all consciousness. 

Who are some people in your community that you look up to for motivation?
Other bikers, hackers, preppers, biotechnologists, people pushing materials and hybridizing things that haven’t really been made too much before by others. 
I really geek out when things are technically really involved to make, and when an artist’s concept is like a labyrinth or puzzle that has psychological depth and is challenging for whoever experiences it to take in or figure out - conceptually or viscerally. 

What’s the funniest story you have from one of your exhibits?
One time a concerned person walked up to me after an amazing run of a show I had, and said she felt sorry for me because I must have a disturbed mind. I still don't know to this day whether that was a compliment or an insult. 
Favorite scene in the movie Terminator 2? 
Definitely when the T-1000 changes to a metallic liquid state, and can re-form after being damaged. My mind is kind of blown by the concept of Skynet in the series, and how eerily it mimics real programs right now in the United States NSA program. There is one program that closely resembles Terminator called MonsterMind, an AI foriegn cyber attack defense system, that could send cyber missiles to neutralize threats before hackers have a chance to alter code and sneak through defense systems, if that went haywire it would more closely resemble T2’s plot line. It's fascinating how science fiction films that predict the future eventually find manifestations in reality.  

If possible in the near future would you cryogenically freeze yourself?
Maybe if I knew that my frozen parts were going into good hands. I’m definitely in favor of using technology to bend what’s possible evolutionarily.  I would definitely switch body parts to artificially enhanced ones and opt to extend my lifespan if possible, it would give me more time to make an impact on earth. 

What kind of music do you listen to when you want to get pumped? 
Mostly dark techno and black metal to be honest, music that has a certain kind of hard truth I can relate to, that can explore things conceptually like the weight of an epic mountainscape or cold fluorescent laboratory. Almost always something hyperphysical and energetic, but sometimes drone and ambient stuff too.  
Have you ever crashed your motorcycle?   
Yes, it made me a much better rider. 

Out of all the places you have traveled in the world which one was the most special?
Tokyo, the last time I went it was during New Years celebrations, less people were there, so it felt really open, and all the shrines in the city were alive. 

What new projects would you like to work on in the future?
Definitely going to start incorporating robotics and cyborgs into my work more, because it’s good to get comfortable with them being a part of our reality, their presence in the work will maybe help ease in the transition. Also using technology that can read the audience, like scan them with motion sensors and in sensing them makes the artwork come alive. Creating experiences that can only happen IRL, which you need more than social media to experience fully.  

I would also like to collaborate with programs similar to DARPA or NASA’s development team, and even Yamaha Racing or a motorcycle gear. I’m very intrigued with how motorcycle gear is like an exoskeleton of an arachnid, and how insect hives can be metaphors for human activity and the Internet. I want to merge cutting edge technology with art, collaborate with people from different tech backgrounds to better help realize what I’m aiming for.  
How long do you plan on staying in New York City, any places you would like to live in and make art?
The active volcanoes in Hawaii are on top of my list, I like the way secondary succession works, how the lava kills the plant life only to regenerate new plant life back in the aftermath, apocalyptic fertilizer. I’d really like to make art about that.   Also learning from some ancient Japanese rituals like Shinto, tea ceremonies and Zen on site in Japan would be illuminating for some of the work I’m dealing with right now. Having access to secret government labs where experimental research happens would be tremendously helpful.  

Who would you like to thank for inspiring you to be an artist? 
The universe, and the genetic mutation I was born with. 

The best advice you can give to an aspiring artist who wants to live in New York City?
Spend a lot of time tapping deep in to your inner source, work outwards from that, and give it %1000.