Pamela Katz

Interview with local New York City DJ and model.
Tell us where you grew up and your favorite memory from when you were young.
Grew up on Long Island, New York. 
Do you remember which albums you were listening to when you first started DJing?
I was listening to artists like Grimes, Tame Impala, Kygo. They all got me inspired in some different ways.
Do you prefer to be in front or behind the camera?
In front of the camera!
When you first started out modeling did you have a mentor or did you have to learn everything by yourself?
I learned everything on my own. Put myself out there, took opportunities, etc. Every mistake was a learning experience and I don't regret any of it. 
What makes living in NYC so exciting for you and your career?
NYC is pure excitement. Everyday is new and the city is your oyster! I try to meet a new friend everyday because you never know who that person is, who they know, and when they may think of you in the future. It doesn't matter what time it is in New York City, if you want to do something you can go do it. It never feels too late to learn more. 
When traveling the world, which place has been your favorite to visit so far?
My favorite place that I have visited would probably be Amsterdam.
How was your academic experience like in Colorado, what was your most memorable moment there?
Walking around barefoot. Going to school in Colorado was a breath of fresh air. It is everything New York is not. Chill, connected, dry. Everyone is so nice. And all of my friends were from all different places. It didn't feel just like an academic experience, it felt like a real life experience. I would recommend any and every human who has a love for nature or the mountains to apply to the University of Colorado at Boulder. 
When needing to get motivated where do you go in the city for inspiration?
Elizabeth street, Washington Square Park, the Bowery, West Village. I'd say I am a downtown girl.
Do you enjoy dressing up or are you more comfortable in pajamas and a hoodie?
I enjoy dressing up. I also enjoy my pajamas and a hoodie look. I would say I do a pretty good balance of both. Being that I do some modeling, being in my pajamas and a hoodie is what I dream of during that work….but when I am DJing I love to get dressed up. I personally think it adds a little flavor to my look, vibes, and music!
When DJing do you prefer a rowdy party or a laid back atmosphere?
I like a rowdy party. I like it when I feel like I am getting the people going. I'm never opposed to a laid back atmosphere, but when I have to be so cautious of the volume at an event, it gets a little difficult to enjoy myself to the upmost.
Which neighborhood in New York City is your favorite and why?
Nolita or the West Village. Nolita makes me feel the most in my element. The West Village is just so charming and romantic and brings me back to Europe.
What are some obstacles you’ve had to overcome to get to where you are today?
Doing some jobs that I maybe didn't think were exactly for me, but ended up being good exposure. 
Are you ready for the married life or will you miss being single?
I am ready for the married life. My fiancé was my first love at age 15 and my last love at 22. There is no one in the world I would rather wake up to and go to sleep to every night. To me, the married life just means exploring more about ourselves individually and as a team, and making each other the best versions of ourselves. It's the coolest relationship.
Vinyl or mp3’s?
Mp3's for now. I want to practice playing with vinyl's soon though...Maybe mix it up.
Does it ever get overwhelming juggling so many different hobbies and jobs?
No. If I wasn't doing it for work I would be doing it for fun.
Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

In many different places at once. Maybe New York, maybe West Coast. Maybe both. I know I will be working, married, and maybe pregnant by that time! We will see what the future has in store. Other than always being in the fashion industry, I feel some diversity from that in my future.
Photos by Sarah Lenoir