House by Natura Futura Arquitectura

A temporary structure made out of pallets in Chacras, Ecuador. 

Located in the province of El Oro, Ecuador, the town of Chacras appears like an old western movie, full of historical references by its proximity to its neighboring Peru. The owner, Don Velfor, who lost his home in the Ecuador earthquake in April this year, found refuge in an area of 12 x 10 meters partially occupied by his mother-in-law here. The project was conducted in May 2016 in a period of 10 days. Natura Futura Arquitectura in collaboration with Cronopios-El Oro (a collective dedicated to cultural management) carried out the different processes. After creating the design, they called for the press, digital media and word of mouth’s help, for people around the country to donate materials and tools, and volunteers to gather to execute the project; these were trained to perform the various daily missions that brought the project to life.