Artistic Murals by Ernest Zacharevic

Paintings that engage with their urban surroundings.

At the intersection of art and the urban landscape, Ernest ‘Zach’ Zacharevic conveys the culture and community of a place, adding artistic interventions to different cities across the world. The Lithuanian-born artist blends fine art techniques with a passion for public space, working in the mediums of oil paint, stencil, spray, and sculpture to communicate clever and complex concepts. Using building façades, storefronts and weathered walls as an artistic arena, Zacharevic engages with the urban fabric by creating site-specific interactions between his artworks and their host location, with ideas arising in spontaneous response to the environment. Traversing both outdoor locales and gallery spaces, Zacharevic’s dynamic compositions impart introspective ideas on culture, childhood and the characteristics of a community.