Karuizawa Museum by Yasui Hideo

A museum inspired by paintings of Hiroshi Senju in Karuizawa, Japan.
From the architect: I was requested, after winning through the competition, to design a facility accompanied to the museum of Hiroshi Senju, a world-famous Japanese painter/artist. Before I started the actual planning, I prioritized building my conceptual work first (i.e. geometrical shape containing both traditional and modern forms) in order to make my design coexist on the same site with the museum that had a curved form interpreting Karuizawa ’s nature in a elegant way. I built the design concept form Japanese art culture in order to create an architecture suited to the museum having art pieces appraised internationally. Such Japanese craft as ‘Origami’, ‘ Sensu fan ‘, or ‘Byobu screen ‘ are created from just one piece of paper, having an infinite possibility to be shaped in various forms. They also have similarity to western geometric design, which are even led to modern art with their originality and beauty.