Jansen Campus by Davide Macullo

The new Jansen Campus in the village of Oberriet, Switzerland.
Oberriet, like many other built landscapes in Switzerland, is typified by a multitude of different sized inclined planes, sloping in different directions, that manage to achieve a remarkable visual and spatial balance. It is the sloping roofs and their game of shadows and reflections throughout the day that characterize the built space of this place. In fact, at a perceptive level, the facades of the buildings lose their importance, assuming the supportive roles of these great inclined plans. The new geometry of the Jansen Campus has been generated by this complexity of the ‘games of planes’. The internal landscape is articulated as a fluid space, almost as if it were formed by an extension of the urban streets of the village, a system of solids and voids expanding in all directions. The apparent mass of the new building is dematerialised internally, flooded with natural light teeming through the generous openings and the grand slicing overhangs that project the users out to the landscape.