Plug & Live Systems

Modules for a conversation by studio A77.
Njambre is an organization that strengthens and connects entrepreneurial ideas and projects relating to transformation through social/environmental impact innovation. To this effect, the furniture developed for its base at cheLA Buenos Aires is designed to revitalize forms of communication for group work. The Njambre discussion unit is a flexible system of four thrones which, when used together, can result in a variety of set ups for group conversations, the creation of a larger conference area, or the subdivision of work-spaces using mobile bookshelves and whiteboards.
The skypesula is a mobile cabin designed for conducting Skype conference calls. It can accommodate a couple of people, and includes an electrical connection for the computer and lighting. Windows made with glass from written off cars allow natural light in.  All equipment is made with reused packaging of various sizes, discarded by the automotive industry; depending on how these are arranged, they allow diverse alternatives for the construction of spaces. The workbenches, lockers and kitchen furniture were built in this same way.
a77 (Gustavo Dieguez and Lucas Gilardi)

Matias Varela Beccar