Malou invades Mockup

Featuring Malou-Cheanne Ananiassen. Photos by Alejandro Sosa.
Mockup studio was founded early 2012 as a creative platform for two partners, Simon Kjærgaard Kristiansen & Rasmus Nørfeldt, who besides a solid knowledge of design, both have had several years of experience as internal model builders at various offices.

Products of high quality is a corner stone in mockup, and our strict confidentiality policy ensures that no material or information is passed on without the consent of the costumer.
One of the biggest differences between mockup and a classic studio is our great emphasis on the physical creation of the design process. Good design is the meeting between the object and the material paramount, and we therefore believe that as an architect and designer have to engage with the material.

For the same reason, only 30 percent of our studio is meant to be office space, while the 57% is used for workshops. In the workshops, our ideas are quickly tested and various materials explored. At the same time our facility provides designers the opportunity to communicate with colleagues and customers through tangible objects, a communication medium which sadly neglected by many architects and designers, but which can be extremely beneficial for the customer’s overall understanding.