Billy goes to the Library

...and finds the world’s first published porn magazine!
The Aarhus University Library is a public institution that is controlled by the Danish Ministry of Culture.  The mission of the library is to establish access to development and culture by providing users with an opportunity to navigate through global information resources.  
As part of their cultural heritage this library has the largest collection of printed newspapers and media collections in Denmark.  This collection includes an extensive archive of radio/television and advertising films as well as an almost complete collection of gramophone records, tapes, and CDs published in Denmark since the year 1900. Part of this collection is also a vast volume of the worlds first published pornography magazines, one of these is Week-end Sex.
The ban on pornography in Denmark was lifted in 1967.  Two years after that, this little Scandinavian country became the first in the world to legalize the sale of printed and video pornography.  During this time many publications were created which started to feature nude pictures of both men and women.  One of the first of these magazines to hit the shelves was Week-end Sex. Founded by Leo Madsen in 1967 it was a small little booklet that contained short stories, nude photos, and jokes.  Now out of print, the legacy that this magazine created can be seen in every smut publication created in the past 40 years.  
When browsing through the content of this historical document one can see why it became an industry standard.  From full color images of nude poses to action-oriented scenes, the layout is tasteful and exciting at the same time.  The girls that are featured are an array of traditional Danish looking stereotypes to exotic ones that break the mold.  Although this is a publication directed towards men there are plenty of images of both nude men and couples of the same sex engaging in erotic behaviour.  With stories full of imagination and fantasy this magazine makes for a good read as well.  Defiantly worth checking out next time you are at the library.